Working through an orange obstacle

Today’s One Word Photo Challenge Word is Computer. In that vein I decided to photograph my home work area. My old computer that with Grace will continue on for another year or so; work table; stuff I’m working on; what I’m reading next; what I’m watching (Midsomer Murders); and above all else, my wonderful orange obstacle I always work around.


Toby lounges on my collage art for another challenge. The keyboard is bridged between the table and the desk because you know who is snoozing where I normally put the a


He turns and wants to know what I’m doing some place other than the chair. The large book in front is the atlas I’m altering for the Weekly Weather Project. The book started out a normal inch thick. It’s currently over 4 inches thick. I suspect it will be much thicker very b


Now he wants to join me – hmmm, obstacle is not the right word. Shadow is! Wherever I am, Toby is there and I love him all the more for it!.computer c


Blooper photo – computer d


One Word Photo Challenge: Computer



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