My favorite tastes

taste bMy favorite tastes – turkey, white meat only, grandmother’s recipe for ambrosia, three bean salad, dressing, and gravy; sister’s sweet potato casserole, Sister Schubert’s yeast rolls and Beringer‘s white zinfandel to drink. Too bad Thanksgiving only comes once a year.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge|The Sense of Taste: My Favorite Tastes


My favorite birthday cake is so pricey I can only get it for big number birthdays (like my 50th and definitely on my 60th!). It’s called a Mozart cake, but modified. Dense chocolate cake, mocha filling (traditionally raspberry but I hate raspberry), frosted with REAL buttercream frosting, enrobed with chocolate ganache. To die for. So scrumptious, so heavenly, so chocolate. It’s damaged on the side because it shifted in the box on the way home.

taste aMade by Sugar Plum Bakery


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