Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

rainbow bridge day

Myrddin, Welsh for Merlin, beautiful boy from 1988

Myrddin, 1988  

Nimue, sister of Myrddin, also from 1988.

Nimue, 1988  

normanaNorman, 1993

 Russell, 1998

laura abLaura, 2003

cleo bCleo, 2003

 Rufus, 2003

 Molly, 2007

baby-agnesAgnes, 2009

angel piperPiper, 2015

Missing photos, but not missing in my heart (all feline):

Tigger, 1972

Muffin, 1993

MC, 2000

Ally, 2002


7 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

  1. They were all beautiful. Myrddin looks so much like my KaChoo, I love mitted tabbies 🙂 I love all kitties, but those hold a special place in my heart.


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