Black Cat Appreciation Day

simon bca bBlack Cat Appreciation

August 17 was Black Cat Appreciation Day – I couldn’t let the day go by without recognizing Simon – a beautiful, solid black panther-shadow who has blessed my life with his presence for 9 years. Formerly feral, he was rescued by my sister and then he came to live with me.

simon bca cblack-cat-appreciation-day

The following was originally posted on Purr and Roar:

Black cats are beautiful, they are mini house panthers, sleek and mysterious. They hold a special place in the hearts of many including myself and Black Cat Appreciation Day is a day to celebrate all things black cat while helping dispell the negativity and myths that still surround them.

  • People believe black cats are unlucky, this is an old superstition that still exists
  • Black cats are often overlooked for adoption in shelters around the world and have a much harder time finding homes
  • Black cats have been linked to Witch Craft and became the unfortunate targets of cruelty throughout history because they were thought to posses supernatural or demonic powers. Today, during Halloween they can still become targets and most shelters do not adopt them out during this time

Of course today we know better and most people realize that demonizing a cat because of their color is complete rubbish. So what about the benefits of adopting black cats?

  • They go with everything because black never goes out of style
  • They are like having tiny panthers running around your home and that’s pretty cool
  • In some cultures black cats are considered lucky! The Scottish believe a strange black cat’s arrival to the home signifies prosperity, while Pirates of the 19th century believed if a black cat walks towards you, it’s a sign of bad luck, but it’s good luck if it walks away from you. In the English Midlands, a black cat as a wedding present is thought to bring good luck to the bride!
  • Black cats have the ability to be just as sweet and loving as any other cat and make wonderful companions

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