Sweet Piper

piper collage 4Sweet Piper,  with me for 14 years, has moved on. . .

piper collage 2Delivered to me by my sister who rescued her from the wild. . .

piper pawWhile she hated to be picked up and/or held. . .

piper collage 3She would always be by my side whether on the sofa or in bed and greeting me at the door when I walked in.

piperi memoriumMy heart is broken and I miss her so much already.

Grief is like the ocean;
it comes in waves,
ebbing and flowing.
Sometimes the water is
calm, and sometimes it
is overwhelming. All we
Can do is learn to swim.
-Vicki Harrison

6 thoughts on “Sweet Piper

  1. Piper was beautiful. Take comfort in knowing what a love filled life she had with you. I am very sorry for your loss.


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