fun foto fav things a

Shrine for my Baby Agnes

who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2007

I still miss her so much my heart hurts

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge  cees-fun-foto

My Favorite Things, verse three,

“Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eye lashes, silver white winters that melt into spring”

I immediately thought of Agnes’ winter collar and my heart filled with love for her all over again.

fun foto fav things b

fun foto fav things c

fun foto fav things g

4 thoughts on “Shrine

  1. What a loving tribute, I love your little book about her as the Acrobat cat! I miss my babies at the Bridge everyday, the most recent loss Ms. Phoebe a year ago. She was my miracle special needs cat that changed my world for the better.
    Agnes was beautiful.


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